fgm_logo_color1Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking (FGM.) is an exclusive agency of heart hunters led by The Matchmaking DUO (Kelli Fisher & Tana Gilmore). We provide matchmaking services personally designed to accommodate busy, successful professionals who are seeking long-term love. In searching for one’s compatible match, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a lot of what they want, and even more of what they need.

What Is A Matchmaker?

Finding “the one” to spend the rest of your life with can be a daunting and discouraging process for many.  At FGM, our one-to-one approach to dating is designed to take the stress out of the “search for love” and help our clients create positive experiences that lead to life-long commitments.

How Is FGM. Different From Online Dating Sites?

In the age of modern technology, we certainly understand the draw to online dating. But, we have found that the online process greatly diminishes the power of personal connections. We have also discovered that, when left to their own devices, daters tend to practice what is familiar or what comes naturally to them.  As a result, they continuously select the same type of connections, never resulting in an optimal match.

Working with us will alleviate:

  • Precious time spent online trying to create a significant connection
  • The “Catfish” phenomena that occurs when online daters aren’t forthcoming with personal details
  • The risk of getting too emotionally invested based on surface connections rather than the deeper, foundational characteristics that sustain long-term love
  • The uneasiness that comes with the unclear expectations experienced early in the dating process

Who Should Work With Us?

We are deeply committed to helping our clients find their optimal match.  Due to our degree of involvement we only take a select number of clients on an annual basis. In seriously considering our services, we encourage you to work with us if:

  • You are a busy professional with limited time to find dating opportunities
  • You have  been out of the dating game for a long time
  • You struggle with “people and personality challenges”
  • You are looking for an authentic connection
  • You are looking for long-term love
  • You are coachable and open to learning and implementing new things

If this list sounds a lot like you, we invite you to GET STARTED with our TandemMatch™ application process.

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