We believe in the legacy of long-term love and marriage, however, achieving this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In order to ensure that our clients have the best possible options, we offer preferences for Date Coaching and Relationship Coaching.

Date Coaching:

Over the past few years, with advances in technology and social media, dating has changed tremendously. At FGM, we recognize the need to assist our clients in adapting to those changes as fluidly as possible.  We offer a plethora of Date Coaching options including mock dates and date ideas that prove useful in getting our clients “date ready”.

Relationship Coaching:

Once FGM has helped you find the person you believe to be your life mate, we want to do everything we can to facilitate the longevity of the relationship. Select clients choose this service to ensure they maintain a healthy and gratifying relationship.

If this list sounds a lot like you, we invite you to GET STARTED with our TandemMatch™ application process.

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