Ep. 11: Matchmaker Approved tips to Balance Success and Finding Love!

As Relationship Coaches and Professional Matchmakers, we meet countless women and some men too, who are facing the dilemma of their education and careers taking off but their personal life has left them lonely and unfulfilled.   But guess what we’ve discovered?  It’s OK and there’s still HOPE!  Starting today, use these matchmaker approved tips to shift your priorities from your career to finding a loving, committed relationship.  And guess what?  Kelli and Tana, “The Matchmaking DUO”, will share a very special offer for their LovHER Show audience only, to help their women of power be just as successful at finding love as they are in the boardroom, the operating room, or whatever area of business they command.  Let’s go LovHERS!  Here’s to LOVE!


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Tana Gilmore
Certified Relationship Coach, Professional Matchmaker, Blogger

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