The Spread the LOVE tour!
Join us on various stops throughout the country as we spread the message of love, healthy relationships, and finding, maintaining, and sharing love in your life. From live, interactive workshops, empowering speaking engagements, 3-Course Dinner with the DUO, and of course our Signature Blind-fold speed dating events, with media stops along the way. The Matchmaking DUO is coming to a location near you! Treat yourself to a FUN atmosphere and engage with peers in your area. … [Learn More]
Blindfold Speed Dating
Blindfold Speed Dating is a fun, interactive way to meet new singles but with The Matchmaking DUO’s support and their signature twist. … [Learn More]
Good Girls Do Flirt
Are you tired of seeing potential Bachelors at social or professional events, restaurants, the gym, or even in the grocery store and leaving without saying a word? Learn The Matchmaking DUO’s proven tactics to get noticed, start a conversation, and close the deal by leaving with his contact information in hand! … [Learn More]
3-Course Dating with The Matchmaking DUO!
Come and enjoy multiple mini-dates with a diverse group of single, like-minded professionals in an intimate setting. Meet one group during a delicious appetizer then switch and enjoy your entrée with a whole new set of people. … [Learn More]
Learn How to Become an “Attraction Magnet!!”
This 60-minute interactive web course is designed to provide the skills for women and men to attract or alert others that they are available and open to meet new people. Whether you’re out running errands or out on the town with friends, this course will surely propel you from giving the signal that you’re unavailable to an attraction magnet! … [Learn More]
Dating Class for Women of Power
This 4-week interactive web series is designed to provide the skills for women of power to attract or find a loving, committed relationship and eventually marriage. … [Learn More]
PARADIGM 360°Coach Training

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