What is Blindfold Speed Dating?

Blindfold Speed Dating is a fun, interactive way to meet new singles but with The Matchmaking DUO’s support and their signature twist.

Beauty is only skin deep and so often singles remain single because they are stuck on a “physical type” instead of focusing on characteristics that can sustain a long-term relationship. Join The Matchmaking DUO in this fun, lively, and interactive environment and discover first-hand how personality traits can be far more important than appearances when choosing a mate. Then remove the blindfold and discover who you’re most compatible with when looks are not a primary consideration. Guests can chose to participate or simply attend the mixer afterwards. But remember every time we’ve given this event, the majority of those who opted not to participate wish they had. So take a chance, do something different, and enjoy many first dates at one time with the support of two of the most highly sought-after Relationship Coaches and Matchmakers in the country. Who knows what you’ll learn and who you’ll meet!

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