3-Course Dating with The Matchmaking DUO!

  • No One is a Stranger
  • Everyone Deserves LOVE

Meet another Single Friend to stay in touch with and support each other, Meet a Companion, Meet the Love of Your life!

Join us on various stops throughout the country as we spread the message of love, healthy relationships, and finding, maintaining, and sharing love in your life.  From live, interactive workshops, empowering speaking engagements, 3-Course Dinner with the DUO, and of course our Signature Blind-fold speed dating events, with media stops along the way.  The Matchmaking DUO is coming to a location near you!  Treat yourself to a FUN atmosphere and engage with peers in your area.

Meet other singles, professionals, and all around good people who are accomplished and looking for that special someone or looking to improve the quality of life with the one they’re with. 

All of our events will promote a loving, inviting environment so come with a friend or come alone.  The Matchmaking DUO and their team will be waiting to greet you with a warm hug and make sure that you fall right in line with conversation.

Who should join us?

  • If your goals have now shifted from professional to personal in finding fulfillment in life, love, and happiness
  • If you are accomplished in so many areas professionally but desire a loving relationship
  • If you have reached the point in your life where many of your friends are now married and you want to meet Single friends to expand your circle, go out with, travel with, or just keep in touch
  • If you prefer to use your time effectively by having many 1st dates at once as opposed to one awkward first meeting at a time
  • If you didn’t have supportive family or friends surrounding you growing up and want to meet new people who have similar goals and dreams
  • If you want to meet a great guy or girl who is also ready for a relationship with the right person
  • If you want to get out of your comfort zone and try something new
  • If you’re tired of attending mixers where people may or may not approach you and seem stand-offish.  Instead you can meet people and get to know them in a warm, fun, and lively environment with the support of Certified Relationship Coaches.
  • If you realize whatever you have been doing is not working and you’ve hit the “Relationship Rock Bottom”

The world needs more love!  Join us as we Spread the LOVE one city at a time.

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