Ep:5 Top Mistakes People Make When Online Dating

As Life/Relationship Coaches and Professional Matchmakers, our company has become one of the most sought after matchmaking agencies in the U.S.  So how can we help our clients find love without tackling the biggest elephant in the room in the relationship space? Online dating!. Some clients want very personalized and premium matchmaking (which is our speciality) and some want assistance with the plethora of dating sites not knowing which way to turn or why many friends have met the love of their life online and you haven’t!  What’s missing?  So we thought we would share with you a few of the top mistakes people make with online dating to empower you to go back at it again and give it a whirl.  We know many of these sites are paid and you want to make the best use of your investment, right?  Listen to our matchmaker-approved tips to consider so you can go from losing to winning online!

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Tana Gilmore
Certified Relationship Coach, Professional Matchmaker, Blogger

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