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Connect. Match. Inspire.
Let us help you find your perfect match.

We Believe

Connect. Match. Inspire.
Let us help you find your perfect match.
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meet the duo

For nearly 20 years, “The Matchmaking DUO™” have been great friends. They met while working together in Corporate America as Vice Presidents of Business Development for partnering firms. As The DUO™ was paired together to present to executives and successful entrepreneurs, their unique dual approach proved to be very successful in connecting with and retaining clients.

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what we offer

From our matchmaking process to relationship coaching and everything in between, The DUO™ offers a wide range of services designed to help you discover a successful and long-term relationship.


Our signature matchmaking approach doesn’t just focus on what you want in a mate—we carefully consider your personalized needs. Through TandemMatch methodology, we evaluate everything from personal preferences to lifestyle and make those key factors in our search process.


Whether you’re new to the dating scene or finally ready to get what you want, The DUO™ can help you feel “date ready”. Our numerous date coaching options include mock dates and date ideas designed to help you confidently walk into the first date.


Once The DUO™ has helped you find your life mate, we want to do everything we can to promote the longevity of your relationship. Relationship coaching ensures you maintain a healthy and gratifying relationship.


The DUO™ is thrilled to serve as guest speakers at your next event. Our inspiring and informative insight will provide a life-changing experience for groups looking to move forward to true love, happiness, and personal success.


It’s no secret dating has changed tremendously over the past few years, and we’re eager to assist our clients in adapting
to these changes. We’re here to help you make a personal connection with your optimal match.


Did you know we have a podcast? Yes, it's called The LoveHER Show with The DUO™! Click here to listen to past episodes of all things Love, Life, Business, and Bliss!


Click here to read years of the content we've written. You will find blogs and many media interviews from outlets all over the world... some of which have gone viral!


With numerous certifications, client scenarios, and even their personal life experiences under their belts, submit your relationship questions here for The DUO™ to select and answer on an upcoming live.

Your Heart Hunters

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a Relationship

Finding real, lasting love isn’t an easy feat. And dating without success can get old— fast. With the support of certified matchmaking and relationship coaches, you can finally have a positive dating experience that leads to a life-long commitment. Are you ready for a DUOver?

Tandem match

Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking (FGM.) is widely known for our signature approach to the matchmaking process. TandemMatch™ is our unique and proprietary methodology which allows us to closely evaluate our clients’ personalized needs. We take into account everything from personal preferences to lifestyle needs and make those key factors in our search process.

A key component in the TandemMatch™ process is our uniquely designed TandemID™ personality assessment. It is designed to assist us in identifying your personality type so that we may best discover your most favorable match.

Read our Book!

Relationship Duovers book

As two women who have lived through all phases of relationships; single life, marriage, blended families, separation and divorce, and now Certified Life and Relationship Coaches for almost a decade, this is your chance to learn from The Matchmaking DUO’s™ experiences as well as client scenarios to get it right the first time or make your DUOver your last.

“The book you should have before you say I do”

-The Matchmaking DUO™

Hands down this was an excellent book. I found myself doing the home work right away and seeing the flaws that i carried over to many of my past/current relationships.I am purchasing the book for 3 of my girlfriends. The authors definitely gave great insight on all relationship issues a females perspective.

5-Star Amazon Book Review Renesha

Excellent read! This book was very helpful in thinking through the process of restoring a relationship.

5 -Star Amazon Review**Sherell

My busy work schedule leaves very little time for dating and even less time for an endless online searches. The Matchmaking DUO came to my rescue.

J. Stone
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