Episode:12-Need A Change?

Today on Episode 12, The Matchmaking DUO’s Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore tackle the Life Lane.  As we all move closer to rounding out the first half of the year, there may be many New Years Resolutions and goals set months ago that have officially fallen by the wayside by now and you’re breathing a sigh of anxiety or feelings of failure.  But guess what?  There’s hope and with each new day brings a fresh opportunity to get back on track.  Maybe you want a career change; maybe you said you would write a book; maybe you wanted to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle; or just maybe you said this is the year you’ll do some things differently to find or keep the love of your life.  As Certified Life and Relationship Coaches, Kelli and Tana work with clients every day to take their initial goal and help move it forward to fruition.  Tune in to hear some tips to get you back on track to make your goals and dreams a reality!  We’re rooting for you!

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Tana Gilmore
Certified Relationship Coach, Professional Matchmaker, Blogger

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